Dr. Muhammad Al-Dosari, visits Libya

admin | 08/06/2024| News

The delegation of the International Federation of MiniFootball, headed by Dr. Muhammad Al-Dosari, visits Libya to find out the possibility of Libya to host an international tournament and learn about the capabilities that characterize Libya, especially the city of Misrata. He urged the delegation to spend four days in which it attended many meetings with the official authorities from the municipal council, the free zone and the iron company. Steel, Al-Safwa Company, Al-Nukhba Company, the Libyan Mini-Football Federation, and attending the final match of the Libyan minifootball league. At the end of the visit, there was a call between the Libyan Minister of Sports, Mr. Abdul Shafi’ Al-Juwaifi, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Dosari, President of the International Federation, to check on the delegation and thank them for this visit and provide support and assistance. The Ministry of Sports for the success of Libya in hosting international tournaments, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Dosari, in turn, thanked the Minister and the Libyan people for the generous hospitality and reception from arrival until departure, and special thanks to the President of the Libyan MiniFootball Federation and Vice President of the International Federation, Mr. Mustafa Al-Musali, who made a great effort to make the visit successful and achieve the goals