The Law Of

Mini FootBall Game

Brief information about the game

­ The width of the play field is between 26-30m, which is called the goal line, while the length ranges between 46-50m, which is also called the touchline.

­ The number of players allowed internationally is 6 main players, including the goalkeeper and 9 substitutes, but it is allowed, according to the regulations of the tournament to increase the number of players to become (7-8), especially in local tournaments, provided that is inclusive in the tournament’s regulations.

­ The weight of the ball is between 410-450 gm.

­ The goal is 4m wide and 2m high.

­ No off-side in the game, as the objective of this game to enjoy football by scoring many goals.

­ A throw -in is done by hand, whereas the corner kick is played by the foot.

­ Four referees officiate the match, where both the referee and his assistant shall be off the field on the touchline, while the third and fourth are located in the substitution zone at the center of the field monitoring the two teams externally, and following up time, warnings and expulsion.