Al-Dosari the President of the International Minifootball Federation (IMF) until 2027

admin | 28/05/2023| News

The General Assembly concluded its work in Turkey on May 19, 2023, and one of its most prominent decisions is the selection of Dr. Muhammad Al-Dosari from Saudi Arabia as president of the International Federation for the next four years after he swept the votes of voters, due to full satisfaction with Al-Dosari’s great work for the development and success of IMF as the founding president of this organization. Mr. Luca from Switzerland won the position of First Vice President where, the position of Second Vice President is obtained by Mr. Mustafa Al-Mesli from Libya. The following the executive members were elected, namely:

  • Mr. Ali Bek of Kazakhstan, a member and representative of Asia.
  • Mr. Moncef Souissi of Algeria, a Member.
  • Mr. Andreas of Austria, a Member.
  • Mr. Saeed Al-Ajil from the UAE, a Member.
  • Mr. Hussein Al-Asam was appointed Secretary General of the International Minifootball Federation.

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